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RP Name: Nols
Da'vid Markos/Hercules Awesome-heel-dave-batista-o
Da'vid Markos/Hercules Tumblr_m8d7t7F4bZ1qcc20bo1_250
Disney Quote: “You know when I was a kid I would have given anything to be exactly like everybody else.”- Hercules from Hercules
Quote: “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.”- John F. Kennedy
Disney Theme Song: Go The Distance from Hercules
Theme Song: Remember The Name by Fort Minor

Full Name: Da’vid Markos, Hercules
Pronunciation: Dah-veed Mark-ohs, Her-cue-lees
Alias: None as Da’vid, Herc (Hercules)
Meaning: Da’vid means beloved while Markos means dedicated to Mars, Hercules means glory of Hera
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Greecian American as Da’vid, Greek as Hercules

Height: 6’6” as Da’vid, 6’0” as Herc
Weight: 290 as Da’vid, 200 as Herc
Hair Color: Black as Da’vid, Orange as Herc
Hair Style: Da’vid keeps his hair so short that it’s shaved. Herc kept one stands of his hair out but otherwise it was short and held back.
Eye Color: Brown as Da’vid, Blue as Herc
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Tattoos: Da’vid has SEVERAL tattoos, most notably the tribal designs on his arms and the sun around his belly button. Herc had no tattoos.

Birthday: January 28th
Age: 45 as Da’vid, 18 as Herc
Western Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Tarot Card Combination: The Star and Strength, leaning toward Strength
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster


General History:
Son of Zeus and Hera, Hercules was born on Mt. Olympus and was the pride of his parents. Zeus even created Pegasus, a winged horse, for his son. The only god who disliked Hercules was Hades, one of Zeus’ brothers and the god of the Underworld. Hades wanted to take control of Mt. Olympus and a prophecy was made that if Hercules chose to fight against Hades, Hades would fail. Hades sent his lackey’s Pain and Panic to give a potion to Hercules that would strip him of his immortality and strength. Since Hercules was found by the mortals Amphytryon and Alcmene, Pain and Panic failed to feed Hercules every last drop which allowed Hercules to keep his strength. Amphytryton and Alcmene raised Hercules as their son since Zeus and Hera could not bring the mortal boy back to Mt. Olympus. Hercules grew up strong but clumsy, with no friends. After destroying the local market on accident, Amphytryon and Alcmene revealed the truth. Hercules traveled to Zeus’ temple which revealed, by the God appearing to him as a statue, that if Hercules became a real hero then he could come home to Mt. Olympus. Pegasus was allowed to come with Hercules to find the satyr Philoctetes, Phil, who trained Hercules into adulthood. His first save was saving the beautiful Megara from the centaur Nessus. Though Phil and Pegasus disliked her, Hercules fell in love. Their paths crossed again in Thebes when Hercules saved two boys, who were actually Pain and Panic, from the monstrous Lernaean Hydra. From then on, Hercules killed monsters to save people which made him famous, rich, and a bit cocky. Though he believed himself a true hero, Zeus did not and wouldn’t let him come home yet. Megara convinced a depressed Hercules to skip training and go on a date with her in an attempt to learn Hercules’ weakness for her forced boss Hades. The date was ended by a furious Phil who then learned that Meg and Hades were working together before running back to Hercules. Phil tried to convince his protégé but in a blind rage, Hercules hit Phil. Phil left and Hades showed up, offering that if Hercules gave up his strength for 24 hours, Hades would let Megara go free. Hercules took the deal, Hades revealing Megara had been working for him the whole time, though not revealing that Megara did indeed love Hercules.
As Hercules heart broke in his chest, Chernabog’s curse hit and turned Hercules into Da’vid Markos.
Da’vid had been adopted by Americans as a small baby, brought to Yensidia and raised. His strength was slightly above average in school and his classmates alienated him. After graduation Da’vid decided to go to college for law enforcement and became a cop, being decorated for all of his hardwork. Though he doesn’t look it, Da’vid feels as if his life is missing something.
Carlile Markos-Cronus-biological grandfather-Cheech Marin
Da'vid Markos/Hercules 275CheechMarin
Giana Markos-Gaia-biological grandmother-Sandy Martin
Da'vid Markos/Hercules Sandy+Martin+TCF+Television+Distribution+Los+jzeLM7eOMspl
Zed Markos-Zeus-biological father-Danny Trejo
Da'vid Markos/Hercules 15
Hanna Markos-Hera-biological mother-Melina Kanakaredes
Da'vid Markos/Hercules Tumblr_m0r19fCjaI1r3stzgo1_250
Hector Markos-Hades-biological uncle-James Woods
Da'vid Markos/Hercules Tumblr_m96bd6OOki1qdnng7o1_1280
Perry Markos-Poseidon- biological uncle-Sean Bean
Da'vid Markos/Hercules Tumblr_mf464swjf81rq9ghh
Anderson Trion-Amphytryon-adopted father-Arnold Swarzenager
Da'vid Markos/Hercules Terminator-Smile
Alice Trion-Alcmene-adopted mother
Da'vid Markos/Hercules Kirstie-alley


Senses: Da’vid has normal senses for a man his age. Hercules’ senses were slightly raised because he was a fallen god.
Allergies: None
Phobias: None
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: None


Style: Da’vid enjoys comfortable, casual clothing when not at work. Hercules wore his armor most of the time.
Grooming: Da’vid is groomed appropriately to the code presented to police officers. Hercules was clean shaven and well groomed.
Casual Wardrobe: Unless he is at work where he is made to wear a police uniform, Da’vid dresses very casually in jeans and muscle shirts. Hercules usually only wore his armor so his style was not very casual.
Dressy Wardrobe: Unless he is being presented with a medal, Da’vid will not wear the one suit in his possession. Hercules dressiest thing was the armor that he wore almost all of the time.


Mood: Da’vid is usually in a stern and serious mood. Hercules was usually in a bright and happy mood.
Attitude: Da’vid is a glass half empty man. Hercules was a glass half full man.
Stability: Da’vid, like Herc, is a stable man.
Expressiveness: Da’vid tends not to show many of his emotions. Hercules was a very expressive man.
When Happy: Da’vid will flash the occasional smile but mostly his eyes light up. Hercules would beam and laugh.
When Depressed: Da’vid is more likely to lock himself away from everyone when depressed. Hercules would frown and grow silent.
When Angry: Da’vid will grow defensive and argumentative when he is angry. Hercules would yell and if extremely angry, grow violent.
Hobbies/Interests: Da’vid is a fitness buff, preferring to work out and play sports than to anything else. Hercules loved sports and helping people.
Pet Peeves: Da’vid is peeved when people call him a hero because he does not feel like one. Hercules was peeved when people would count him out because of his clumsiness.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Da’vid does not practice any religion but he has a few superstitions. Hercules was a Pagan, worshipping the Greek pantheon as well as having superstitions.
Three Positive Traits:
Three Negative Traits:
A bit cocky


Occupations: Police Officer as Da'vid, Hero as Hercules
Work Ethic: Like Hercules, Da'vid is a hard worker.
Income: Da'vid makes slightly above average wage. Though he was paid royalties from the things sold in his name, Hercules was an unpaid hero.
Wealth/Status: Da'vid is a middle class worker. Hercules was wealthy from the royalties from the things sold in his name.


IQ: Da'vid is an averagely intelligent man. Hercules was also average.
Degrees: Da'vid has a high school diploma and a college degree in law enforcement. Hercules had no degrees.


House: Da'vid has a small room that is in the police station. It's a simple room: a twin size bed up against the left wall with a long dresser with a mirror attached against the wall at the foot of his bed. On the dresser is a picture of him and his partner Lupa. The walls are decorated with photographs of his home country. Hercules slept in a training area on the ground.
Neighborhood: Da'vid lives in the main area of Yensidia and is beloved by the other residents of the town. Hercules lived in Greece and was not loved by the people until he became a hero.

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