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Killian Jones/Captain Hook Empty Killian Jones/Captain Hook

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RP Name: Nols
Killian Jones/Captain Hook Tumblr_mc9t8vfVgH1qfy1fno1_500
Killian Jones/Captain Hook Tumblr_mibrj6r0pK1s5r96zo1_500
Face Claim: Colin O'Donoghue
Character Claim: Captain Hook
Character Name: Killian Jones
Connection to your character: No Movie Connection
Yensidia connection: I would LOVE to see how Killian, as the pirate Captain Hook in his last life, interacts with Rebecca, as a straight laced no nonsense military leader Captain Amelia in her past life. Maybe as friends, maybe as enemies, or maybe with Killian as the one who lures her out of her depression over her lost husband.

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