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RP Name: Nols
Kip Hugo (Quasimodo) Tumblr_mziipt3gEl1togyg3o1_500
Kip Hugo (Quasimodo) Tumblr_mm17gpE3Eh1sotufbo1_500
Face Claim: Eric Church
Character Claim: Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Character Name: Kip Hugo
Object: Miniature of Notre Dame cathedral
Biography: For as long as he could remember, Quasimodo grew up lonely. He was led to believe, by the powerful Judge Claude Frollo, that he was a hideous monster who needed to be protected from the cruelty of the outside world. Quasi wanted nothing more to spend time among the busy city streets he had spent so much time carving out of wood. One day he managed to slip down there during the Festival of Fools, a bawdy and rowdy festival that the church disagreed with. It was here that he met the beautiful gypsy girl Esmerelda. When the crowd who had been cheering for Quasi turned to mocking and embarrassing him, it was Esmerelda that defied Frollo and helped Quasi. A friendship between the two was started, Quasi falling in love. Esmerelda, on the other hand, fell for the brave yet kind Captain of the Guard Pheobus. Seeing the two kiss after Esmereld saved Pheobus from death at Frollo’s hand, Quasi closed his eyes and wished for the heartache to stop. Chernabog’s curse set in, turning Quasimodo into Kip Hugo, a cashier at Gepetto’s. The trip through personas changed Kip. Quasi was ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside. Kip, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. He has yet to find the miniature Notre Dame and has not yet found his memories.
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