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RP Name: Nols
Kip Hugo/Quasimodo Tumblr_m4eety0rCO1rvybt9o1_r3_500
Kip Hugo/Quasimodo Tumblr_lusz4mturM1qm6oc3o1_500
Disney Quote: “What makes a monster and what makes a man?”- Clopin from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Quote: “Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it’s not.”- Richard Bach
Disney Theme Song: Out There from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Theme Song: Monster by Skillet

Full Name: Kip Hugo, Quasimodo
Pronunciation: K-ip Hue-go, Qua-si-moh-doh
Alias: None
Meaning: Kip means from the marsh while Hugo means the Latanized version of Hue, Quasimodo means half formed
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian American as Kip, Caucasian French as Quasi

Height: 6’2” as Kip, 5’9” as Quasi
Weight: 183 lbs as both
Hair Color: Black as Kip, Red as Quasi
Hair Style: Kip keeps his black hair cut short enough that he can’t do anything with it. Quasi’s hair was usually kept just at the top of his ears.
Eye Color: Brown as Kip, Blue as Quasi
Birthmarks/Scars: Kip has no birthmarks. Quasi was born deformed.
Tattoos: None

Birthday: May 3
Age: 36 as Kip, 20 as Quasimodo
Western Astrological Sign: Taurus
Ruling Planet: Venus
Tarot Card Combination: Temperance and The Pope, leaning toward The Pope
Chinese Zodiac: Snake


General History: His mother murdered by Judge Claude Frollo, Quasimodo was raised by his mother’s murderer and kept in the bell tower of Notre Dame cathedral. Frollo led him, however, to believe that his mother abandoned him. He had no friends but three stone gargoyles: Hugo, Lavern, and Victor. It was at the urging of his friends, later on in his life of course, that he disobeyed Frollo’s wishes and left Notre Dame to attend the Festival of Fools. It was at the festival that he met the gypsy girl Esmerelda, who dragged him to compete to see who could pull off the ugliest fact in all of Paris because she assumed his face to be a mask. The crowd turned from cheering, after naming Quasi the victor, to tormenting him. They even went so far as to tie him down and pelt him with rotten fruit and eggs. Esmerelda saved him and in return, he helped her escape from Notre Dame when she was trapped there. Quasi planned on telling her how he felt the next time that she came to see him, only to see that she was helping an injured Pheobus, a man who had been captain of the guards but had turned on Frollo.
As his heart broke witnessing Pheobus and Esmerlda kiss, Chernabog’s curse hit and turned Quasimodo into Kip Hugo.
Born to Jude Claude Hugo, Kip was raised by his father’s siblings because his father never had enough time for him. Kip felt that his father didn’t truly want him which made him rebel, doing everything from skipping classes in high school to sneaking out at night. He felt no real allegiance to anyone but himself. After barely graduating high school, he fought to find a job that had nothing to do with his father. Gepetto Anatolli liked the way that Kip seemed to have a knack for fitting kids to their perfect toy as well as his talent at carving toys. Kip refused to attend college, instead preferring to work all day with Mr. Anatolli.

Claude Hugo-Claude Frollo-father-John Malkovich
Kip Hugo/Quasimodo A
Lavern Hugo- Lavern- surrogate mother/aunt- Liza Minelli
Kip Hugo/Quasimodo Liza_HSN_1-1331335038
Vic Hugo- Victor- surrogate father/uncle- David Hyde Pierce
Kip Hugo/Quasimodo Giphy
Jason Hugo-Hugo-surrogate father/uncle-Jason Alexander
Kip Hugo/Quasimodo George-Costanza-clapping


Senses: Kip has average senses. Quasimodo, though deformed, had above average senses.

Allergies: None

Phobias: Kip is afraid of heights and confined spaces. Quasimodo had no phobias.

Addictions: None

Mental Disorders: Kip has a touch of oppositional defiant disorder. Quasimodo had no mental disorders.


Style: Kip’s style is very casual and yet each piece hugs him tightly so that he can show off a body he has worked hard for. Quasimodo wore comfortable clothes that were easy to move around in.

Grooming: Though Kip is not ungroomed, he doesn’t particularly care about how messy he looks. Quasi was as well groomed as he could be.

Casual Wardrobe: Never seen without a baseball cap, Kip’s casual sense of fashion is rooted in a Southern Rock style which means he wears a lot of plaids and plain t-shirts with blue jeans. Quasi only ever wore tunics and leggings.

Dressy Wardrobe: Kip rarely ever has a reason to be dressed up except for the occasional Easter Sunday or Christmas Day church service, which is when he wears his good suit. Quasi would wear the nicer tunics he had on Sundays.


Mood: Kip is a laid back guy whose usually in a good mood because he views life as a series of little parties. Quasi, because he was kept locked away from other people, tended to be in a slightly depressed mood.

Attitude: Kip tends to see the glass as half empty. Quasi always saw the glass as half full.

Stability: Kip is a little less than stable due to his ODD, which can often make him rude and belligerent when angry. Quasi was very stable.

Expressiveness: Kip is very expressive, especially when he is drinking. Quasi was expressive all the time.

When Happy: Kip is usually seen smiling and helping out even those who aren’t children when he’s happy. Quasi would swing from the rafters when he was happy.

When Depressed: Kip gets grouchy and snaps at people when sad, finding it easier to lash out at others than to cry. Quasi would withdraw from even his gargoyle friends so he could cry.

When Angry: Kip can be physically violent when angry. Quasi would yell and lash out.

Hobbies/Interests: Kip likes to craft things out of wood, be they things as large as cabinets and dresses or as small as figurines. Kip also enjoys watching foreign films. Quasi liked to build his figurines and read.

Pet Peeves: Kip is peeved by people who can’t take a hint. Quasimodo was peeved at people who judged others for their looks.

Superstitions/Beliefs: Kip is a barroom Catholic, meaning that he usually stumbles from the barroom to a church pew. However, Kip does still believe in things like ghosts. Quasimodod was Christian but did not have many superstitions.

Three Positive Traits:

Three Negative Traits:
Too self reliant


Occupations: Cashier at Gepettos as Kip, Bell Ringer at Notre Dame as Quasimodo

Work Ethic: Kip doesn’t find a problem working because he views his job as fun and not a job. In the past, however, Kip had problems with working if the job did not interest him. Quasi did work without hesitation because he knew nothing else.

Income: Kip makes minimum wage. Quasimodo was unpaid.

Wealth/Status: Kip is on the upper half of lower class. Quasi was unpaid.


IQ: Kip is average, Quasi was extremely bright.

Degrees: Kip graduated high school but never went to college. Quasi never attended school.


House: Kip does not make enough money to afford a home nor will he accept family money because he feels as if he can get by on his own. That being said, he lives in a room at the church homeless shelter. The room is certainly plain: the walls are white with only a cross hanging on it and the floor is a brown tile. The bed is no bigger than a cot with the bed always made. A dresser with a red lamp sits against the wall opposite the bed. Quasi had a room at Notre Dame Cathedral which consisted of a cot and the table that held his miniatures.

Neighborhood: Since Kip lives in the church homeless shelter he lives in the main town. People feel sorry for him and try to help when they can. Quasi lived in the heart of Paris but didn’t know his neighbors.
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